Capturing The Beach


The beach is a common photography spot for me. Its peaceful, soothing, exciting and most commonly romantic.

The Golden Hour

The beach has always a been a great spot to capture love or extreme emotion. The way the sunlight hits the waves and how perfectly lit the subject is during the golden hour is hard to match. When I shoot at the beach I usually aim to shoot during the golden hour or sunset. It’s the best time to capture silhouettes, perfect lighting and overly warm colors.

Que Color?

The beach tends to be rich in a lot of things besides emotions, one thing I noticed is the amount of different colors you can experienced at the beach. The ocean tends to reflect different colors every time I go. Whether the colors of the ocean be green, dark blue, blue or brown or the people wear different kinds swimwear, or different beach equipment there is always an opportunity, especially post editing.

Black & White Isn’t a Bad Idea

Despite me loving the colors of the beach and the light the sun brings, it’s not always required to keep it warm. Black & White portraits at beach can make for great shots due to the high contrast the suns brings. Don’t let the nice sunlight make you think one way!

What To Capture?

If I am just capturing the beach I focus on the waves crashing, a boat in the background, or the sunlight reflecting on the ocean. I always try to have something that exhibits whats going on that particular day. If nothing is going on, than nothing is the subject its just the feel the picture brings! But usually on a nice sunny day there is someone doing something at the beach, or a couple casually strolling/kissing. Don’t be afraid to ask someone to take a their picture. 9 times out of 10 they are in a good mood! The beach (specifically the sun) brings us joy so I would say if your a street photographer looking for ways to ask to take a picture of someone, try sunny days.

What To Shoot With?

Equipment isn’t a heavy topic for me. I feel there are so many cameras and gadgets you can use to take a great photo that your editing skills matters most. However, you do want to make sure the picture isn’t impossible to shoot and you can live to shoot another day! A camera bag is a good thing to have at the beach along with a lens shade, uv filter and plastic housing to avoid sand/water damage.

Is Beach Photography a Thing?

I think a as people, we all have our personal favorites for where we want to go for go to relax, have fun, or have a date. As a photographer, we look to capture those moments for ourselves, our portfolios, or for others. The beach is one of the spots I feel the most confident when shooting. Maybe one day in Puerto Rico I’ll just make a living shooting people at the beach. I’m sure someone will appreciate it.