How Much is Your Art Worth?


There really isn’t a price tag to your creation…but because there has to be, it should be more than what you think.

Think About It

What you create is yours. It’s unique, nobody in the world can do what you do or how you do it. Yes people can do something similar, even copy your work! But it still didn’t come from you if it was copied. Music is the greatest example of this. A song is constantly sampled and reused over and over and over again (no pun intended) but it still sells.

Your Work. Your Imagination.

There’s a million reason to think you can’t do something different than someone else already has. But what does that have to do with why you create? What does that have to do with you taking pictures? I went back and forth with myself trying to decide if I should even do certain shoots.

“A Million People Already Took That Shot

Why Do What Someone Else Did?

But Did You Do It?

Yes, someone has taken a silhouette at the beach before. Someone has taken a picture from Brooklyn Bridge. But I didn’t. So why not? It’s worth taking my creative shot at it. Forget taking or creating to sell, just do it because you want to.

Rule of Thumb I was taught was to always add to what you want. If you got a job asking your desired salary, and you think its 20 an hour, ask for 25. Why not? Just go for it, you’re worth it. I think we undersell ourselves a lot, therefore we should always strive to do what we feel is right. Your art should be reflection of that same sentiment. Its more unique than you think.