I Miss The Beach


I am at the point in my life where I feel I need to grind more in order to relax and “vacation”. I understand that I need to have time to breathe, relax etc but a lot needs to be done.. A LOT needs to be earned. As I learn to be more discipline and focused on my goals, I try to just make the most of my everyday life. But it doesn’t hurt to reminisce right?

“A Lot Needs to Be Earned

The beach offers more than just relaxation for me. I feel at peace, at home, but also inspired.

I love New York. But my ultimate goal is to eventually have a property in the Caribbean that I can be at for extended periods of times. The beach gives me the peace of mind that actually inspires me to work just as well as the hustle and bustle of the city…except I don’t get annoyed.

“I Love New York”

There is inspiration everywhere, just gotta find yours.

I think we can all relate to the fact that different environment give us different inspirations. Some people can only work during the day, at a coffee shop, or at a desk. Others outside, using their hands, or simply being around other people. The beach and the city are mine. No in between. The beach gives me the serenity and happiness that allows me feel positive about whatever it is i’m doing. When I’m away at the Caribbean I never feel like sleeping. I am always ready to start my day and make a difference

And what does New York bring?

In the city I feel like I am always in a competition. I’m a sports guy (NFL/NBA) so I love competitiveness. New York gives me the energy I need to be the best. But it can also be draining. Thats why I need the balance between the islands and the city in my life.

I know my time is coming. Just can’t forget what I want.