Is Social Media Worth it?

Social media gets a pretty bad rep. It’s distracting, offensive, and commonly unproductive. However social media can also be collaborative, relaxing, funny, and convenient. How do we find balance?

Control The Content

I utilize social media to share my blog posts, connect with friends, keeping up with trends and checking out other artist’s work.

Instagram is an app that is usually hated or loved in the photography world but I believe for me, it works.

Instagram has a unique feature to mute people’s posts and stories . In other words, control the content in which you see everyday.

On my instagram I follow mostly everyone back, but I control my timeline to only show work that inspires or is pleasing to the eye. It helps me focus on photography and creating.

What About Twitter?

Twitter is one that can really have you distracted and away from your work.

It’s a powerful app that really drives a lot of activity to your business and work but it’s also a very opinionated and cluttered app that can get you lost or discouraged.

I love twitter because my timeline is very supportive, funny, engaging and always on trend.

I’m also a big sports guy and that app is God Gift for sports content.

However I step away for longer periods of time because it can take away from what I want to do.

For twitter to be effective for your work, you have to really hone in on who you follow, talk to, and who you want following you. Finding that twitter that really connects with you is key.

How About No Social Media?

I understand the no social media side of the coin here. Sites like WordPress and Wix allow you to connect to the world in your own format. Why be forced into Twitters, Instagram, Facebooks or whoever’s structure of a “profile”?

For the sake of connecting your conforming to a social media platform rules. That won’t vibe with everyone. Also, being distracted from your work can hurt. So cutting the whole social media out is ideal for some. Makes sense.

But I like my friends, I like social media but like everything else it needs balance. So I provide that in order to be effective. Social media is a tool, but a tool can use you just like you can use it. Control what you can control, and make the best of it.