Music & Photos


Music and photography has always been a connection for me. When I’m shooting I’m usually listening to music or at least think of a song when I see something.

While I don’t create music, I do think my photography can be best showcased with certain songs. Maybe one day I’ll at least create music to go hand and hand with my work.

I think all art isn’t singular focused. A painter doesn’t just paint, a rapper doesn’t just rap, it’s all connected to experience emotion or some other form of expression. Photography is the same in this manner. I don’t like to think of shooting as a job or even a hobby. It’s part of what I do to express myself.

With so many applications we can use to manipulate reality, one single thing can be transformed to whatever you want. I love the time we are in. I think as a music continues to evolve and go back in time, photography does the same. It was times where Beats boom boom bap and rhymes were more simple. There were times when photography was only black and white, only on film, but we still shoot in those formats for the feel that it brings us.

Music and photography are connected like all other art. As I shoot, I’ll learn to combine the two.