I sometimes wonder if people are too hasty to invite others into their space.

I am typically a very open person but I am reserve when it comes to certain aspects of my life and activities.

Obviously to each it’s own. Everyone has a comfort level. Just questions for me.

As a photographer and blogger, sharing is important. I invite everyone to my world because I am ready to share. If I wasn’t, then I would stay to myself. I think I would do the same in person as well.

Human interaction is important, we all crave it in some way but I do think the way we communicate we should tread lightly. Not to the point where you are scared. But more so that you are ready to receive whatever interaction be it good or bad.

When I blog, I want it to be me not half. So I don’t do it if I am not into it. Every post I want on here forever.

When I shoot, I want to shoot or like what I am shooting.

That’s why every request does not always get a yes. It’s not about the money, its about what I feel is in my best interest. When the space in which I am operating is compatible with me and my vision. We have ART.