What I Learned From This Weekend’s Shoot


Are There Gloves for Photographers?

This past weekend my fiancee and I went to city to see the Christmas Tree like some tourists. Of course she had gloves, scarves, jacket and everything you need to keep you warm. I had the same except no gloves. Why? I can’t shoot in gloves. Hopefully someone reading this can point me in the right direction ^.^

Art Is Everywhere Especially in NYC

Bolkwink – Brooklyn, NY.
Street Art – Fulton Street -Brooklyn, NY
Boldwink – Brooklyn, NY
Handbags x Hype, NYC

Being a Tourist – The Key to Street Photography?

Living in New York you try to avoid the tourist spots and the crowds of lost and excited people. But being a tourist as a street photographer allows you to capture life’s (or the streets) finest work. The culture, the conversations, the people, the small businesses, the hustle and more. I have to be more willing to go to these spots so I don’t miss out on good opportunities.

Do you eat ice cream in the cold?

I really wanted a bacon egg and cheese…

I Need 35mm Film

I forgot I had this camera and have no idea if it even works but its worth a shot. My Pop Pop (grandfather, abuelo, whatever floats your boat) gave me a collection of old cameras that I threw in a book bag. I never took the time to use them since I had my own camera and polaroid. But within the next couple weeks I will definitely check this one out.

I Started This Blog Without Introducing my Camera

Nikon D5300

More on camera choices later.