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My wife’s birthday was August 5th and while I had the gifts and the night plans covered.. I was stumped on what to do during the day? Past birthdays we were either traveling, at the beach, or we just had a good ass time with friends in the house with drinks and games. But we really did not want to sit around and wait for the night, so we decided to look at Yelp and find out what to do.

Activities in NYC

Thus came mini golf. We both have been wanting to do it with our other friends but it was a nice day, I was off, so we thought, lets try it out ourselves first.

Fun in NYC
Fun In NYC

Great decision! We had a blast. We both were reminded of our parents taking us mini golf when we were younger and never thought to go again as a couple. It wasn’t a bad price either! For anyone in NYC looking to mini golf for cheap, try Pier 25 right on Hudson River park. It was only $10 per adult ($5 per kid but of course they did not charge our little one).

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Virgin Pina Colada
Good Eats NYC
Arepa Churraqueso
Fun Times NYC
Good Eats NYC
Pinchos de Pollo

We got hungry of course, like an anyone would after any activity. So we checked out Yelp again and went out to a spot we have been wanting to try. I wouldn’t call us foodies… but we are def getting there with the way we eat.

My wife saw this colorful spot while she was on an apartment showing in the city and immediately sent it to me. So we headed to the lower east side and tried out Yuca Bar – a nice little Latin American spot. We sat outside since it was nice out and it wasn’t humid (for once). Food was amazing and the service was pretty good too. Would definitely recommend for anyone in the area.

Its amazing what you could do last minute here in the city. Even better when you capture it.